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Organisation Structure Of IIA

The Setup

IIA has a two-tier system operating at State/National/International and the Divisional/District/Local area level. Eligible members elect representatives to the CEC for a three years term out of which one-third members retire every year by rotation.

21 elected members elect the President who in turn nominates his team comprising of Sr.Vice President, Vice President , General Secretary, Honorary Secretaries and Treasurer at the State/National/International level. The President also nominates Chairmen of various Subject Committees and Special Invitees to the CEC. At the Divisional/District/Local area level, the President nominates Divisional Chairman.

At the District level, a Chapter Chairman nominated by the President operates through his team of office bearers. The Central Secretariat is headed by a full time Executive Director.

Central Executive Committee (CEC)

The CEC is the governing body of the Association and consists of :- 21 elected members.
All the office bearers i.e. the President, Senior Vice President, Vice President (s), General Secretary, Honorary Secretaries, Treasure, Divisional Chairman and Chairman of area/district chapters.

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