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IIA Vision

How We See IIA in the Near & Medium Term

In Two years:

  • Existing inactive chapters revived with support of Central office, resulting in membership growth of the Association. (Those that do not revive may be closed).
  • Opening of new chapters to enhance the MSME membership
  • Proper co-ordination between chapter & central office in terms of effective participation of each chapter.
  • Proper accounting system.
  • Strong liaison with govt. especially on policy formulation, change & implementation

In Five years:

  • We shall have complete data bank useful for the industry at district & central levels.
  • We shall be in touch with MSME Associations of other States and sign MOU’s with them.
  • Number of active chapters increased by 25 %.
  • Basic infrastructure facility developed in all active chapters. (Strong secretariat, building.)
  • Strong panel of consultants of different fields made available at Central level.
  • Expansion of Central Office building.
  • Begin expansion of IIA to National level (start with neighbouring states).
  • Co-ordination with other State Industry Associations for sake of National level policy formulation / change
  • A well maintained office at Delhi

In Ten years:

  • With strong data bank and smooth interaction between Chapter & Central Office, we are in position to help our members in promoting exports, provide inputs and finance on concessional rates and assist them in marketing on National & International Level.
  • We are holding / organising National / International level Trade Fairs
  • Growth of membership as well as no. of chapters increased by another 20%.
  • Further expansion of IIA at National level.
  • Enrolment of members directly to central office from those districts where opening of chapter is not possible.
  • IIA would have at least 50,000 members throughout the country
  • IIA would have MOU with at least 50 -70 Countries for global growth.

In Fifteen years:

  • Creation of chapter in all districts having sufficient number of industries.
  • We shall have our presence in all the states of the country.
  • We shall have our representation in state & central level ministries concerned with industry.
  • Majority of our existing members shall have by then moved into the large scale sector and IIA would start catering to the large scale sector.

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