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Certificate of Origin

Checklist for Certificate of Origin

  • All entries must be neatly typed/filled.
  • Kindly ensure that the following details must appear in the same manner on the Certificate of Origin as on invoice / packing list.

- Name of exporter & consignee
- Description of goods
- Value
- Invoice no. & Date
- Port of loading

  • Kindly ensure while certifying "goods are of Indian origin", the signature of authorized signatory carries the seal of the company.
  • Always, prepare one extra set of documents which would be kept for record by IIA.
  • If you are bringing documents for attestation for purpose of legalization, please do not forget to bring the 'Original' documents.
  • Do not hide facts; if you have any doubt please contact us. This will save you/ your client a lot of troubles.

Your suggestions and queries are most welcome.

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