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  1. Provide Secretarial Services to MSME Associations located outside Delhi & U.P on issues of common interest to be taken up at National level wherein IIA will take a lead role.
  2. Advocacy & inputs to various Central Government Ministries & Departments including those indirectly linked with MSME’s for their program, policies & schemes.
  3. Coordination with state governments (excluding UP) by providing inputs for policies & programs related to MSME’s & strengthening the MSME associations in their respective states
  4. Represent actively on National MSME forums / bodies, ie National Board of MSME, Working Groups of Planning Commission on MSME, QCI governing board etc.
  5. MSME Public Sector Undertaking /Heavy/Large Industries Matchmaking & Facilitation Centre to help MSME's take benefit of the recently announced Govt. purchase policy for PSE ’s to procure 20% of their purchases from MSME’s. This Centre will also act as a platform for PSE’ s to interact with the MSME’s for their requirements. A monthly/ bimonthly news letter will be published focusing on PSE's-MSME collaboration & supply opportunities with full profile of one PSE/ Heavy Industry in each issue.
  6. We may constitute a Annual Awards for Public Sector Enterprises & Heavy Industries in various sectors/subsector categories who have purchased the maximum from MSME’s in terms of volume, turnover & percentage which will be given each year starting from 2013-14. The award function will be held at the Gala dinner of the annual “India–Global MSME Partner ship Summit & Expo” every year.
  7. Coordinating with Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India & Export Promotion Bureau UP to take up some of their schemes & programs meant for International Cooperation & Export promotion.
  8. Interacting with embassies & International developmental agencies like World Bank, IFC, UNDP, ILO, UNIDO etc and presenting them with the Indian MSME perspective from time to time and also provide advice & inputs to their scheme's & programs for the benefit Indian MSME’s.
  9. Cooperation & Partnership MOU’s with Chamber of Commerce, Industry bodies & MSME associations from across the globe.
  10. Plan opening of IIA offices (or representative office on reciprocal basic) across the globe starting from China, Japan, ASEAN etc.
  11. Inviting & hosting International leaders & trade delegations from across the globe & coordinating interactions / visits to IIA Chapters of these International trade delegations
  12. Facilitating IIA delegation to International conferences & exhibitions & helping IIA members to showcase their products/ services across the globe in various exhibitions, fairs &expo’s.
  13. Setting up a International MSME support & facilitation centre to help even a single foreign MSME who requires information, facilitation, match making & incidental services in India.

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