IIA E-Circular 22 October 2016
UPVAT Annual return fiing date extended to 31-01-2013 29 December 2012
Additional incentives announced by Shri. Anand Sharma to boost exports 28 December 2012
Service Tax Accounting Codes 28 December 2012
General Body Meeting of IIA on 11th january 2013 24 December 2012
Controversial epf circular kept in abeyance 24 December 2012
Do you have any question Ask us 17 December 2012
Public procurement policy 2012- urgent feedback required 14 December 2012
Public procurement policy 2012- urgent feedback required 08 December 2012
VAT rates on raw material,processing-packing items- List for yr immediate feedback 07 December 2012
Seminar on PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCEMENT TOOLS for MSME - 7th Dec-2012 04 December 2012
Service tax & Income Tax Due dates in Dec 2012 03 December 2012
Noida Expo 2013 (The Global MSME Expo) 01 December 2012
Meeting with CM U.P - Urgent feedback on future course of Action on Power tariff hike invited 30 November 2012
Clarification on Applicability of Electricity tariff w.e.f 1st Nov 12 29 November 2012
U.S Company Looking for Manufacturing Partners in INDIA- Urgent Feed back required 28 November 2012
VAT rates on raw material,processing-packing items 28 November 2012
Electricity Tariff Order will be effective from 1.11.2012 28 November 2012
Electricity Hike agitation- Important Information 27 November 2012
Electricity tariff hike- Future plan of action 26 November 2012
Flash- Agitation for Electricity Tariff Hike now extended to Full day on 22nd Nov. 2012 21 November 2012
State wide call for Agitation against Power Tariff Hike and closure of Industries on 22nd November 2012 20 November 2012
Rehabilitation of SICK units. 19 November 2012
Reg. Filing of ST-3 only for period 1 April to 30 June 12 11 November 2012
MSME Conclave at IIM-Lucknow on Scaling Family Business 15 November 2012
Feedback from IIA Members who have been denied collateral free Loans required urgently12 November 2012
GOs related to Industrial Policy 2012 of UP 12 November 2012
Credit Advisory Centre (CAC) at IIA Head Office is operational 09 November 2012
IT-Policy 2012 of Uttar Pradesh- Your feed back is invited 06 November 2012
Actions Taken by IIA HO on Power Tariff Hike 05 November 2012
Protest on increase in Electricity Tariff - Actions requested at Chapter levels (Bulitin-22.10.2012) 22 October 2012
Extension of date for filling Annual VAT returns 19 October 2012
Suggestions for Union Budget 2013-14 required urgently 18 October 2012
Service Tax Return filing date extended 15 October 2012
Regarding electricity duty 13 October 2012
Yet another achievement of IIA 13 October 2012
Yet another opportunity for IIA members to get prestigious award 01 October 2012
Invitation to invest in Karnataka 29 September 2012
Important Information Regarding Interest on Security Deposit 29 September 2012
Important Information about UPSIDC 28 September 2012
Enclosed please find Web links URL(s) of various tenders floated by following government departments for different items 21 September 2012
IIM Lucknow and IIA to take up Industry Problems for innovative solutions 18 September 2012
IIA Members honoured in Asia Brand ceremony at Hong Kong 14 September 2012
Tender Intimation 14 September 2012
Requirement of your plant & machinery for publication in U.P Industrial Policy Booklet 13 September 2012
Your immediate reactions required on dereservation of items for MSME 11 September 2012
Increase in Additional Tax from 1% to 1.5% 10 September 2012
Tenders information of various products 10 September 2012
Tenders information of various products 06 September 2012
Industrial Policy 2012 of Uttar Pradesh- Your feed back is invited 06 September 2012
Food Safety and Standard Licencing Camp at IIA Bhawan Lucknow 06 September 2012
Reg. food processing policy of Uttar Pradesh 03 September 2012
IIA's comments on single table act 2012 of U.P.03 September 2012
Exchange rates for import & export of goods for the month of sept - 2012 03 September 2012
Tax Due Dates in Sept 2012 03 September 2012
Exchange Rates for Import & Export of Goods for the Month of Sept-2012 03 September 2012
HR, Finance, IT & Quality Services to IIA Members at Special Discounted Rates from NH Infomedia (An org. of DCM SRIRAM GROUP) 01 September 2012
Customised Solar Services to IIA Members at Special Prices 01 September 2012
New Accounting Code for Service Tax 25 August 2012
Vodafone special offer to IIA members 24 August 2012
Urgent feed back on Single Table Act 2012 Required 24 August 2012
Tenders information 24 August 2012
Tender intimation 24 August 2012
INDIA SME Forum in Hyatt Regency Hotel , New Delhi on 17th August 13 August 2012
Do you have any thig to say about QCI 13 August 2012
Your questions queries on food license under FSSAI 10 August 2012
Minutes of AGM and General Body Meeting of IIA held on 21 July 12 10 August 2012
Excellent Opportunity for IIA Members to participate in India Show in Czech Republic 10 August 2012
Power availability to Industries update60812 12.00 Noon 06 August 2012
Power availability to Industries update40812 600 PM 04 August 2012
Flash on Power availability to Industries 04-08-12 2 720 PM 04 August 2012
Power availability to Industries update 03 August 2012
Interactive meet with Managing Director, SBI on 12th Aug 6.30 PM 03 August 2012
Seminar on Business Opportunities in CZECH Republic 01 August 2012
Study Mission on Best Practices and Systems for Food Safety and Quality Applicable to Food-processing SMEs. in November, in Tokyo 01 August 2012
Restructuring of Advances by Banks 25 July 2012
Constitution of IIA Rules & Regulations Review Committee 23 July 2012
Objections filed by IIA on ARR to UPERC 23 July 2012
HR Solutions for SMEs from NH Infomedia Ltd 19 July 2012
Agenda for IIA AGM & General Body meeting 18 July 2012
IIA CEC and AGM Meeting schedule 11 July 2012
Arrangement of alternative Hotel for IIA CEC and AGM Meeting on 20-22 July 2012 at Nainital 11 July 2012
Comments on the Proposed Power Tariff for 2012-2013 10 July 2012
Notice for amendment of IIA Rules & Regulations 05 July 2012
Additional information for Booking for AGM & CEC meeting of IIA -20-22nd July 12 at Nainital 02 July 2012
Booking for AGM & CEC meeting of IIA -20-22nd July 12 at Nainital starts 29 June 2012
Another unique initiative of IIA to set up Credit Facilitation Centre (CFC) 26 June 2012
AGM & CEC meeting of IIA- 20-22nd July at Nainital 25 June 2012
Proposal for tie up with Vocation Education department U.P for easing out the manpower shortage in MSMEs 22 June 2012
Extend interest rate subvention of 2% on rupee export credit with effect from 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013
Feedback in your own interest and in the larger interest of MSMEs in Uttar Pradesh required urgently 19 June 2012
Your comments on Implementation Of Industrial Policies in U.P Invited 16 June 2012
Service Tax applicable from 1st July 2012 15 June 2012
Are you interested to set up Potato processing unit in U.P 14 June 2012
Information regarding action taken on Power cut to Industries by IIA 14 June 2012
Actions taken by IIA head Office on Power crisis 13 June 2012
Workshop on Innovation in the Food and Agribusiness Industry from 5-9 November, 2012, Bogor, Indonesia 09 June 2012
Urgent Feedback on IInd draft of Food processing policy required 07 June 2012
Comments on IIAs proposals for U.P Industrial Policy 2012 invited urgently 07 June 2012
U.P Budget document for your information and immediate reactions 01 June 2012
COMMENTS INVITED ON FP Policy of UP 24 May 2012
Programme on IT Policy 2012 of U.P -24th May at IIA Bhawan 18 May 2012
Comments on Draft of New Industrial Policy-2012 of Uttar Pradesh are invited urgently 17 May 2012
Comments on Draft of New IT Policy-2012 of Uttar Pradesh are invited urgently 17 May 2012
Your views on the MSME Manufacturing Sector problems & solutions invited for publication in IIA news 14 May 2012
Gist of RBI Circular No 124 dated 10052012 on Exchange Earner's Foreign Currency (EEFC) Account- 11 May 2012
Tax Flash Direct Tax Amendments Approved by Lok Shabha to Finance Bill 2012 11 May 2012
IIA is an Executive Institution for ASIA Brand Awards 09 May 2012
Business Opportunities in UAE- Interested Members may respond back 27 April 2012
B2B Meeting with High Powered Business Delegation from Iran 24 April 2012
Asia Food Show at FOODTECH 2012 in Osaka, Japan 23 April 2012
Your feedback to provide teeth to the act for realisation of delayed payments of MSMEs 20 April 2012
Participation in 7th Asia Brand Ceremony in Hong Kong 18 April 2012
UP Minimum wages notification for information 13 April 2012
Study Meeting on Innovation in the Service Sector - Specific Sub-sector (Retail and Food Services) from 24-26 July, 2012, Singapore 12 April 2012
Study On The Impact Of Micro & Small Enterprises (Mse) Facilitation Councils Under The MEMED Act 2006 10 April 2012
Applications for 7th Asia Brand Award to be held in Hong Kong invited 07 April 2012
Excellent opportunity for IIA members to compete for 7th Asia Brand Award to be held in Hong Kong 02 April 2012
SME Annual Showcase, 20-22 June 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia24 March 2012
ESIC Amendment Modification in New Inspection Policy 2008 24 March 2012
Comments on Nair Committee on Priority Sector Lending invited urgently 23 March 2012
Notification No. 105 (RE-2010) 2009 - 2014 13 March 2012
12th Global Conference Priyadarshini Award 06 March 2012
Your feedback on delayed payments and the provisions in the Act to deal with this 11 February 2012
Invitation to Voice 'Your Expectations from the New State Government' for publication in IIA NEWS 04 February 2012
Opportunity for bussiness tie ups with Turkey for IIA Members31 January 2012
IIA decides to support Jan Lokpal Bill
Lecture on " Technology & Sprituality for Sustainable Development
Draft National Competition Policy - comments invited
Banks Services to Customers- urgent feed back required
Company Law Settlement Scheme 2011
AF'L-Artigiano Fiera, 16th International Crafts Selling Exhibition at Milan, Italy from 03 - 11 December, 2011
Contributions for Sep. issue of IIA News Letter invited
PPP on "The Food Safety & Standards Act-2006" and Rules 2011 applicable w.e.f 5 Aug 2011
Suggestions for Pre-Budget Memorandum 2012-13 invited
Business Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses
Suggestions for Pre-Budget Memorandum 2012-13 invited
Imposition of Entry tax on Iron & Steel- Urgent feedback required
Income Tax, Service Tax Due Dates in August 2011
Final Call for Canton Fair October 2011
Change of Member ID in IIA Member Directory
Call for booking for Canton Fair October 2011
Order of Stay on Trasit Fee on Coal
Food Safety & Standard Rules 2011
IIA AGM Agenda
Reg. booking for one day in AGM / CEC Meeting
AGM / CEC Meeting Programme Schedule
last e-circular-Entry Tax on Iron & Steel- urgent feed back required

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