• Replying to Entrepreneurs’ Queries
    On diverse subjects related to business including but not limited to above. MSMEs may post their queries through:
    • Email
    • Online facility at IIA website(
    • Post

  • MSME Data Centre
    MKB, being a dynamic project, will continue to expand its horizon as per the changing requirements of the MSME sector. Presently, an MSME Data Centre is being established containing following information pertaining to the MSME sector in an easily accessible manner in both offline and online modes -
    • Policies/Acts/Laws of the Central & State Govts
    • Govt Schemes for MSMEs
    • Notifications/Circulars/GO’s issued by the various Ministries/Deptts/ Organiza-tions of the Central & State Govts
    • Queries of the entrepreneurs received in the knowledge bank
    • Project Profiles/Reports
    • MSME Statistics-International/National/States
    • MSME Technologies
    • MSME Machinery/Raw Materials
    • MSME Study/Survey Reports

  • Guidance/Advisory Support
    • Taxation
    • Finance / Banking
    • Industrial and Labour Laws
    • Power
    • All Industry Sectors
    • IPR
    • RTI

  • IIA NEWS Magazine
    IIA News, the monthly news magazine of IIA -virtually a Mouthpiece of MSMEs in India- is tailored specifically to help MSMEs better understand the burning issues affecting them and emerging thoughts on these issues. Apart from discussions and debates on important issues, it also carries latest news relating to MSME sector, labour laws- related issues & compliance dates, IIA Chapter activities, project profiles and much more in the interest of the sector.

    The latest issue of IIA news is available at IIA website in 2 formats-pdf & e-newsletter, whereas previous 2 yrs issues are also available in pdf format.

    Hard copies of the magazine are distributed free to all IIA members, Govt Deptts,, Academic institutions, other industrial associations etc. Readership is increasing day by day and has crossed 50000 mark as on date.

  • IIA website
    It offers latest information and lot of facilities for the members such as Buy-Sell Desk, IIA Members online Directory, latest Tenders, Notifications/Circulars, around 1000 project profiles, Exporters directory, Placement Support, Special offers to members, MSME News update, Important Links to all websites related to industrial development and much more! The unique facility of MSME Product Finder enables the MSME entrepreneurs wide exposure and easy access to the International Market. IIA website is getting more than 10000 hits per day and is viewed in more than 60 countries all over the globe.

  • Special for Exporters
    • Issuance of Certificate of Origin & related matters
    • Information/statistics on Foreign Trade etc

Way Ahead…..

MSME KNOWLEDGE BANK being a dynamic project, will continue to expand its horizon as per the requirements of the MSME sector !

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