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Query Id is 219
We are planning to enter into an arrangement with various organisations wherein they can advertise their products through our stores for sales promotion and branding. In this arrangement, they can even provide free samples to our customers but there will not be a sale of these products through our stores. In light of the above, we have certain queries on the publicity of liquor and tobacco products as under. Kindly advice on the same. 1) Can we advertise for liquor and tobacco products inside our stores? 2)If yes, then what are the legal formalities we need to comply with? 3)One of our clients is holding a liquor licence and wants to advertise his liquor and tobacco products from our stores and also wants to provide free samples to our customers. Kindly advice about the compliances to be done for the same? 4) Is there any ban on publicity of liquor and tobacco products? Can liquor and tobacco companies do surrogate advertising at our stores. If yes what are the terms and conditions to do it? (15.12.2005)

Query Id is 218
This is regarding the mouth freshener-Use of permitted synthetic food colour. Rule 29 of PFA Rules enumerated the goods where the permitted synthetic food colours can be used.Please peruse the Bombiyya, pass pass , freshwala and chill out mouth freshener.Everyone uses synthetic food colour in the products. That is the common industry practice.You may kindly see 1985 (91) Criminal Law journal in the Municipal corporation of Delhi vs Jawala Parshad and other. The Delhi High Court held that Sweet channa can contain permitted synthetic food colours. Can we take the same route and say chill out , pass pass, bombaiyya are sweet and are not specifically prohibited by PFA to have synthetic food colours. As the same is actually seized for misbranding can we move the High Court for a remedy ? (30.9.2005)

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