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Query Id is 447

 My member Id is 05074 in the name of KEL components and I am from GHAZIABAD chapter. I want to know whether Ex engineer can make a final assessment without giving any details and rule of up electricity act 2005.my Meter was checked by Je Meter on 6/2/15 and he cleaned a wire which was carbonised and on 19/3/15 we got a bill of 448267/- as assessment charge from July 2011 to February 2015.on writing to ex Engg we came to know that this charge is for a term not known in up electricity act 2005 book and also on Google search. The word is Current without volt. Kindly guide me as what should be done. The ex engg is not giving us any knowledge as which rule of up electricity act 2005 has been applied in determining our case and can he charge us for no fault of us .He is charging for 4 years but MRI of meter is being done every month.From book we feel he can charge for slow or fast consumption of Meter only for 3 months.


Query Id is 414


As per the Electricity distribution code we recently came to know that the Electricity distribution department is supposed to pay an interest on the security deposit with the department .We have not been receiving this interest since date of this connection :- 
Connection No.:-1/4/LPL-9
Connection Date:-27-03-1987
SC No.-9000003
Consumer’s Name:- M/s Surcoat Paints Pvt Ltd.
                               17.6 km Bakshi Ka Talab ,
                                Sitapur Road,Lucknow-227202
We want you to find out the following :-
1.      According to law whether interest payable on security deposit.
2.      If yes ,how much interest is payable and how is it calculated .
3.      From when is this law applicable .
4.      How do we proceed to claim this money.

-Suyog Singhal(Director)Surcoat Paints Pvt.Ltd.,Lucknow([email protected])dt-30 September 2010

Query Id is 388
NOIDA Electricity department takes security deposit at the time of sanctioning of electric connection. From time to time they have been also taking additional security. Till all these years the security demanded by the department was on a per KVA basis. But it appears that the department has revised their formulae and they are demanding security deposit to the tune of two times the average monthly bill. Keeping this in mind the department has issued demand letters asking for additional security to the ranging to several lacs. Copy of the demand letter isued to us is enclosed. It may be noted that the entire industry is passing through a difficult phase due to the world economic recession and this additional burden would further kill the industry. Even otherwise, the department does not ensure proper and regular power supply, but is asking this additional security.31 March 2009

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