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Query Id is 304
We have 3 Private Limited companies which have been incorporated 20 years back. We do not have any employees in these companies since inception. The Directors in these companies are minimum & they do not receive any sitting fees. These companies do not pay rent and the registered office is that of one of the other group companies, which too have been provided free of cost. There is no actual business conducted by these companies. Since there have been no employees in the companies for approximately 20 years & no rent is paid by the company, we have not taken licence under shop & establishment act. Under the above circumstances are we liable to take registration under Shop & Establishment Act? If so what shall be our Financial liability considering no fees has been paid for last 20 years with no employees? (31.12.2004)

Query Id is 303
The question is relating to Labour and Factories Act. We have a powerplant. We have around 490 employees. As per the factories act, appointment of medical officer is mandatory if the number of workers exceed 500. Does manufacture of power (thermal based power plant) amounts to hazardous process? If so, do we need to appoint a medical officer compusorily, on permanent basis though our staff strength is below 500? I do not know whether any speical provisions exist for hazardous process industries and if we fall into this segment? Please quote the concerned sections or rules . We are based in Madras. If the factories inspector insist for this medical officer appointment , please let me know the defence. We have a doctor on call facility and adequate first aid facility, is that enough?

Query Id is 296
We have transferred our factory undertaking under Section 25 FF of the Industrial Dispute Act. Accordingly the workmen were also transferred, subject to their consent. For consent the letters were sent by REGD AD Post to all the workmen, which were duly received by all the workmen, EXCEPT two workmen- One was returned back with the reason "not claimed refer to sender" and the other was accepted but signed by person having different name. Except these two all others have accepted the new employment/employer. Last date of giving consent to accept the new employment was 15th January,2004. which is over. Your opinion is sought on the - (1) What is the fate of first one where the regd letter has come back? whether he remains our employee? (2) In the second case whether person remains our employee? (3) Can we close these two cases by paying compensation as defined under section 25 FF of Industrial Dispute Act., to complete the transaction in all respect?

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