President Speaches 2007 - 2009
President Speaches 2005 - 2007
Guests From Across Seven Seas.....  (June 2007)
A Landmark Act of Independent India (May 2007)
SSI Challenges and Solutions (April 2007)
Budget 2007 - 2008: Sector needs more reforms (February 2007)
Export Support Service from IIA (January 2007)
VAT in U.P. & IIA's Efforts
U.P. as a Budget Surplus State
Industry Institute Interaction (3i) for Mutual Benefit  (October 2006)
Competitiveness through HRD in SSI (September 2007)
Challenges before SSIs and their solutions thereof
Major Achievements /Activities of IIA during the 2006-07 (June 2007)
On Reservation
Competitiveness of Indian Industries in Global Market
Technology & R&D for Enhancing Industry Competitiveness
Closing of India Food Expo - 006
Electricity Problem in U. P. (April 2006)
IIA Voice audible in PMO
Growth & Development Potential in U.P.
IIA Welcomed Rail Budget with a Caution
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