President Elect 2007
Date of Birth
30 April 1953
Educational Qualification
M.A. Economics(1975)
  • Proprietor, Kirpal Textile Mills (P) Ltd. which he joined in 1972
  • Associated with Indian Industries Association since 1988
Positions Held in the past in IIA
  1. Treasurer(Kanpur Chapter) : 1993-94
  2. Vice Chairman(Kanpur Chapter) : 1994-96
  3. Secretary(Kanpur Chapter) : 1996-98
  4. Chapter Chairman,Kanpur : 1998-2000
  5. Divisional Chairman, Kanpur : 2000-2001
  6. State Vice President,IIA : 2002-2003
  7. Senior Vice President, IIA : 2003-2005
  8. President, IIA : 2005 – 2007
Awards & Recognition
Received ‘Kanpur Ratan’ award in 2004.
Contributions to industry and society

Mr Tarun Khetrapal has worked dedicatedly towards the industrial development of the state across 4 decades now and especially his home town Kanpur nagar has benefited immensely from his work.
A man of keen industrial acumen, Mr. Khetrapal took his family business to great heights, at the time of his joining the Kirpal Textile Mills in 1972, the annual turnover was around Rs. 5 lakhs only whereas now it is more than 2 crores of rupees.
During various interactions/meetings with the Govt at the State & National level, Mr. Khetrapal has impressed the dignitaries with his articulate manners and insights. His contribution in formulation of policies and procedures has been significant.
As a responsible citizen and progressive industrialist, Mr. Tarun Khetrapal has initiated   CSR activities in  his industry  and is also involved in  various other social service activities   thus benefiting the society at large.

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