India's Biggest Agro & Food Processing Trade Fair

Balrampur Gardens, Lucknow •  9 - 12 February 2006

Report & Glimpses of IFX 2006
Third Edition of India Food Expo (A four days Exposition and two days International Seminar) concluded successfully on 12th Feb 2006 at Balrampur Gardens, Lucknow. Compared to the first edition of India Food Expo, this edition registered an increase of 2.5 times in the number of Stalls and more than 3 times in the number of visitors. For the first time foreign delegates from Pakistan & Angola visited the event.

Preparations for India Food Expo 2006 started as early as August 2005 when Central Executive Committee of IIA decided to organize this event for 4 days w.e.f 9th February to 12 February 2006 at Lucknow. CEC in its meeting under the chairmanship of new President Shri Tarun Khetrapal took following important decisions: 

1. Exhibitors covering all the sub-sectors of Agro & Food Processing sector shall be invited from within and outside the country.
2. The main focus of the exhibition shall be on display of new technologies, machinery, products and services.
3. The number of stalls exclusively for Agro & Food Processing was targeted at 200.
4. Concurrent with the exhibition an International Seminar on "Commercialization of New Technologies in Agro and Food Processing" shall be organised in Hotel Taj Lucknow instead of on the ground.
5. All out efforts shall be made to disseminate the information about the exhibition and the seminar to all embassies and high commissions. 
6. A Power Point presentation for about 30 minutes shall be prepared and shown to all concerned officers/HOD's for garnering their support for the event.
7. Extensive use of internet and IT shall be made for publicizing the event.

President IIA appointed Shri Pramod Miglani, Former Secretary, IIA and senior member of CEC as the Chairman of India Food Expo 2006. Under the dynamic leadership of Shri Miglani all ground works such as activities schedule, event brochures, potential exhibitors list, seminar experts, advertisement and publicity plans, planning for the physical arrangements and financial estimates etc were completed by November 2005. President IIA and Chairman India Food Expo 2006 constituted a working group of senior IIA members to look into various activities of the Expo. A presentation on India Food Expo 2006(Concept and Preparations) was made to Agriculture Production Commissioner, U.P) and all the departmental heads under APC branch. Incidentally the new Principal Secretary Food Processing UP Mrs. Jayati Chandra also joined on the same day and was present during the presentation session. 

Government of U.P was proactive and immediately after the presentation Shri N.C Bajpai, APC decided to constitute 13 members steering committee under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary Food Processing Govt. of U.P for ensuring proper arrangements and success of the event.

Discussion on IFX-06 being held in 
CEC Meeting

View of the session on IFX-06 presentation to APC. UP and Departmental Heads under APC Branch in the office of APC.UP at Lucknow

On 29th December 2005 the event was discussed in a State level industry meet organised at IIA Bhawan wherein industry representatives from all over U.P were present along with Shri Atul Kumar Gupta IAS, Industrial Development Commissioner U.P, Mr. V.V.S Vishven IAS, Secretary SSI,UP, Mr. Chanchal Kumar Tiwari IAS, commissioner&Director Industries UP, Mr. Narendra Bhooshan IAS, Executive Director, Udyog Bandhu.Shri Rajnish Sethi, Chairman Food Processing Working Group of IIA and ED IIA had a meeting with Shri A.K Mishra IAS, Principal Secretary Agriculture in his office wherein he assured all possible help.

A meeting with Mr. A.K Mishra IAS, Principal Secretary Agriculture and Presentation on IFX-06

View of State level Industry meet organised at IIA Bhawan Lucknow with Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta IAS, IDC, Mr. Chanchal Kumar Tiwari IAS, Commissioner&Director Industries U.P, Mr. V.V.S Vishven IAS, Secretary SSI U.P and Mr. Narendra Bhushan IAS Executive Director Udyog Bandhu U.P. Wherein preprations for IFX-06 were discussed in detail.

Exclusive presentations on India Food Expo was organised for Shri Atul Kumar Gupta IAS, Industrial Development Commissioner , Dr. R.P Singh, Director HBTI , Shri Chanchal Kumar Tiwari IAS, Commissioner&Director Industries UP and senior officers of Directorate of Industries U.P , Vice Chancellor, Chandrasekhar Azad University of Agriculture, Kanpur and Dr. Sanjay Govind Dhande, Director IIT Kanpur . Glimpses of these meetings and presentations are as under:-

Discussion with Shri Atul Kumar Gupta IAS, IDC on IFX-06 at his office

Presentation on IFX-06 being looked into by Dr. R.P Singh, Director HBTI, on 14.1.06 at Kanpur

Disscussion with Mr. Chanchal Kumar Tiwari IAS, Commissioner & Director Industries U.P regarding involvement of Department of Industries U.P in IFX-06

Discussion with Dr. Sanjay Govind Dhande, Director IIT Kanpur on International Seminar on “Commercialization of New Technologies” to be held during IFX-06

Presentation of IFX-06 being looked into
by Commissioner Lucknow Mandal 
alongwith all HOD’s

Vigrous efforts were made to approach the potential exhibitors and visitors through more than 2 lakh emails, 5 thousand direct mailers, advertisements in print and electronic media, hoardings, posters, stickers and trade websites etc. Special Pre-event media briefings/meets were organised.

Joint Press Conference addressal by Principal Secretary Food Processing UP & President IIA

Curtain Raiser-Press Meet on the Exhibition Ground

As a result of extensive use of internet & IT we got response from 8 countries namely USA, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Hong Cong, Brazil, Angolaand Nigeria for the participation of exhibitors and visitors in India Food Expo. Finally for the first time a delegation from Pakistan and Angola arrived in India specially to witness the show.

Group Photograph of delegation from Pakistan (Sargodha Chamber of Commerce) with IIA office bearers at India Food Expo 2006

Group Photograph of delegation from Angola with IIA President, General Secretary and Chairman IFX-06 at India Food Expo 2006

Simultaneously exhibition layout, seminar concept&seminar schedule was prepared. Physical arrangements on the exhibition ground started on 6 February 2006.

Exhibition and Seminar registrations were closed on 6 February 2006 with a record registration of 200 each. Finally 170 exhibitors and 185 seminar participants reported on the inaugural day i.e. 9th February 2006.

View of preparation Phase on Exhibition Ground

On 9th February 2006 exhibition ground was full of activities since morning. Before the arrival of Chief Guest Mr. N.C Bajpai IAS, Agriculture Production Commissioner, UP, Industrial Development Commissioner, Principal Secretary Food Processing, Secretary SSI, Executive Director Udyog Bandhu along with IIA office bearers and industrialist in large number were present in the exhibition ground.

Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta IAS, IDC UP, Mrs. Jayati Chandra, Principal Secretary Food Processing UP and Mr. Narendra Bhushan IAS arreives for inaugral function of IFX-06

Mr. N.C Bajpai IAS, APC UP alongwith President IIA, Chairman IFX-06, IDC UP, Principal Secretary Food Processing UP, Director Hort.&Food Processing UP ready to inaugurate IFX-06

Chief Guest Mr. N.C Bajpai IAS, APC inaugurated the event and visited the stalls put up by exhibitors from all over India. 
On the inaugural day apart from large number of visitors Commissioner Lucknow Mandal, Mr. R.K Mittal IAS and Mr. Deepak Trivedi Secretary Appointment UP also visited the exhibition. 

In the evening a "Hasya Kavi Sammelan" was also organised.

Chief Guest Mr. N.C Bajpai APC,UP having a good look at new technologies at the Stalls during his visit to the Exhibition

Hasya Kavi Sammelan in process on the eve of inaugural day on the Exhibition Ground

Commissioner Lucknow Mandal Mr. R.K Mittal IAS taking keen intrest in the Exhibioion on Inaugral day

Secretary Appointments Mr. Deepak Trivedi IAS and Mrs. Trevedi sharing their impression about the Expo after the visit on Inaugral day

On 10th February 2006 apart from the exhibition an International Seminar on "Commercialization of New Technologies in Agro and Food Processing" was organised simultaneously in Hotel Taj Residency, Lucknow. IDC, Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta inaugurated the Seminar.

Industrial Development Commissioner UP Mr. Atul Kumat Gupta(3L), Principal Secretary Food Processing UP Mrs Jayati Chandrs(2L), alongwith President IIA(4L) and Chairman IFX-06 Seminar(1L) on the inaugral session of the International Seminar.

IDC UP, delivering his inaugural speech

Agriculture Production Commissioner Shri N.C Bajpai IAS charing the Closing session of the Seminar

The concluding session of the Seminar was chaired by APC, UP. The main topics covered in the Seminar were:
Improved Quality Products from Sub-tropical fruit in the present scenario and Value Addition, E-Chaupal Model of ITC, Opportunities in Biotechnologies for Food Processing Industry, Emerging Technologies in Potato Processing, Commercial Technologies of CFTRI, Processing of Minor Fruits, Commercialization of Technologies, Freeze Drying, Emerging Technologies, Soya Bean Products, Market Models, Retail Market Models, Integrated Market Models, Infrastructure and Post Harvest Technologies.
These topics were addressed by renowned experts namely:

Dr. D.K. Tandon, Scientist - Central Institute of Sub-Tropical Horticulture, Lucknow, Mr. Milan Anandan, ITC Ltd., Dr. 
H.M. Behl, Sr. Deputy Director, National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow, Dr. R.S. Marwaha, Principal Scientist, Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla, Dr. Prasad - NDUAT, Faizabad, Dr. P.L. Kaul, Mariental India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, Mr. Suket Gohil, M/s Gea Process Engineering India,Ranoli, Shri Rajiv Sood, DAMIAN Foods, Noida, R.K. Sharma, American Soy Bean Association,Delhi, Prof. K.B. Gupta, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, Dr. Satyendra Yadav, from Chandigargh.

The seminar was attended by the delegations from Pakistan and Angola who were extended a warm welcome by the President IIA as well as other senior office bearers of IIA.

President IIA presenting a momento to Mr. Abdul Sami Sawhney, President, Sargodha Chamber of Commerce&Industry Pakistan during the Seminar

President IIA presenting a momento to Mr. Tomas Da Cunha, Advisor, Ministry of Agriculture, Angola during the Seminar

More than 1 lakh visitors witnessed the show and the exhibitors were extremely happy as was evident from the feedback and pictures captured during the event. 

This edition of India Food Expo attracted good quality products, machinery, technology and services displays as was intended/targeted by the Central Executive Committee of IIA. Glimpses of few such stalls are shown here:

Visitors rush at the entrance of the Exhibition

Visitors on Machinery Stalls during the exhibition

Other important visitors/delegates experts who visited/partcipated in the exhibition and seminar included Mr. T.George Joseph IAS, Member Revenue Board, UP, Mr. Ravinder Singh IAS, Principal Secretary Industrial Development UP, Mr. Anil Swaroop, Member, Revenue Board.

Mr. Anil Swaroop, Member, Revenue Board Addressing the Seminar

President IIA in conversation with Mr. T.George Joseph IAS, Member Revenue Board UP and Mr. Ravinder Singh IAS, Principal Secretary Industrial Development UP

The closing function of India Food Expo 2006 witnessed a grand show wherein Shri Amar Singh, Chairman UPDC was the chief guest. Glimpses of Arrival, Interaction, Visit and address of Shri Amar Singh are shown here:

President IIA, General Secretary IIA & Chairman IFX-06 in conversation with Shri Amar Singh Chairman UPDC while Delegates from Angola looks on during closing ceremony of IFX-06 at site camp of IIA

Visit of Shri Amar Singh to the stalls in the exhibition

Address of Shri Amar Singh on the closing ceremony

Shri Atul Kumar Gupta, IDC presented the "Best Stall Awards" to the Exhibiotrsin India Food Expo 2006. The exhibitors who received the awards were:

" M/S Pritul Machines, Muzzaffarnagar (First Prize)
" M/S Kanwal Foods Pvt Ltd, Kashmir (Second Prize)
" M/S Bajaj Foods, Saharanpur (Third Prize)

IDC&Principal Secretary Food Processing UP presenting Best Stall(1st position) award to M/S Pritul Machines, Muzaffarnagar.

IDC presenting the Best stall(2nd position) award to M/S Kanwal Foods&Spices, from J&K

IDC presenting Best stall(3rd position) award to M/S Bajaj Foods, Shahranpur

India Food Expo 2006 ended with a satisfying experience for all concerned including the organisers, sponsors, supporters, exhibitors and the visitors. A record business of more than 35 cores was transacted during the exhibition. The exhibitors were so happy that they departed with an assurance to participate in fourth edition of India Food Expo. However they demanded that the period of exhibition should be extended to 5 days. Reacting to the demand of the exhibitor President IIA, Chairman IFX-06 and the IIA organising team of IFX decided to extend the period of fourth edition of India Food Expo to 5 days and announced the dates during the closing ceremony itself.

Mascot of the India Food Expo 2007 being unveiled 
on the closing ceremony by chief guest Mr. Amar Singh, 
President IIA Shri Tarun Khetrapal, 
Principal Secretary Food Processing U.P, 
Mrs. Jayati Chandra IAS & Chairman IFX 06 
Mr. Pramod Miglani